GC-MS/O Training

How does this service work?

GC-MS is well known; GC-MS/O is unknown to the majority of chemists. An introductory understanding of the role of odor in product development and/or quality control should a pre-requisite for all of your quality and chemical staff. Understanding how GC-MS/O is used to solve odor problems will be beneficial even if you do not desire for your analytical team to become experts on odor. The familiarity of your team with the process will help when the time comes that a resource like VAC works alongside your team to design a sensory program, develop an odor strategy, or solve an odor problem.

What is the Application of this service?

The ability to quickly pin point an odorous chemical by the nose and correlate back to a location on the chromatogram provides significant information to streamlining resolution of an odor problem. Becoming familiar with classes of odorous chemicals, understanding which columns are best for what type of odors are all discussed in the course material.

Why do you need this service?

When working with experts in odor, GC-MS/O will become part of the discussion.  The utilization of GC-MS/O in varying parts of your business can become a tremendous asset for any internal analytical group. VAC can support you in these efforts or train you to execute this technique, guide you on equipment selection to support your goals based upon our experience in this highly specialized field.