SIM Analysis

How Does this Service Work

GCMS analysis utilizing Selected Ion Monitoring (SIM) relies on characteristic m/z indicative of the analyte or species of  interest.  Noise is reduced therefore signal to noise ratios are improved.  The result may be improved detection and measurement capabilities.

Applications of Service

We use SIM analysis when the fragmentation pattern of a chemical is already established.  Retention index values aid in establishing additional accuracy for species identification when operating in SIM mode and when quantities of analyte present are very low and full ion spectra are difficult to obtain.

Top Industries for SIM Analysis:

Why Do You Need This Service

SIM analysis is normally part of standard GCMS sample prep. However some projects require that more data be collected using SIM, or SIM indicates further advantages may be obtained by utilizing GC MS MS, making use of a second quadrupole and multi reaction mode (MRM) capabilities.