Expert Witness Support

How does this service work?

VAC approaches expert witness support different than most individual consultants. We provide a team when one outlines they need an expert witness. It is a rare case that we provide an expert only to a litigation case. VAC prefers to be associated with litigation in which we have the ability to provide insight to the litigation team on the strategy of the case and we pick the best expert to present for being deposed and potentially testifying in the trial itself. Scientific experts on a topic may not be the right scientist to put on the stand. VAC has a team approach to give you the best positioning in your litigation having the right resource for each phase needed.

What is the Application of this service?

Pre-empting trials and costly depositions are our first strategy. Whether another company is infringing on your intellectual property, making claims that are not representative of the scientific facts, or your company needing to defend itself in these situations, Volatile works to help you understand your positioning. Then the right resource will be determined for each phase in which you need support.

Top Industries for Expert Witness Support

Why do you need this service?

We have top scientists in odor and aroma. Additionally, we have lifelong chemists that understand structural properties and how they can or cannot impact specific odors that have developed. Our team brings expertise for all phases of your litigation. Odor chemistry is very specialized. When there is literature that defines an odor one way that doesn’t align that odor with concentration, and yet the chemical has a different odor at another concentration, you need a group that understands these nuances because odor chemistry introduces many that can be used against you in your litigation.