Known Chemical Threshold Detection

How does this service work?

When a problem occurs in your organization, or  delivery of a new product is on a time critical path, scanning for a known chemical of interest utilizing GC-MS_MS Analysis (triple quad) to detect and measure the analyte by effectively decreasing noise to near zero is of high value. Triple quad analysis utilizes two fragmentations, or a parent and daughter ion in a manner known as multi-reaction mode or MRM analysis. This is particularly useful with dirty or complex samples and allows for better confirmation of having the “right” chemical.

What is the Application of this service?

When an organization needs noisy background out of the way and needs to have confidence and reliability while being able to scan quickly for a problem chemical or chemicals, GC-MS_MS (Triple Quad) may be the right answer. Our consultants can help determine, based on your problem, what is the best solution to get to your answers the quickest.  When coupling GC-MS_MS with unique extraction methods, and other sample prep innovations from VAC, you  gain a significant advantage to tackle and solve your chemical problems.

Top Industries for Known Chemical Threshold Detection

Why do you need this service?

When you need to decrease background noise, an additional fragmentation pattern obtained from the single quad fragments may help you to detect the right chemical: GC-MS_MS (Triple Quad) is the answer. Many times chemical structures and retention times are similar and it takes going to fragment pattern transitions to allow for confirmation of an otherwise difficult chemical problem.