Adhesives & Sealants

Description of Industry

Adhesives and sealants includes glues, pastes, caulks, paints, varnishes, stains.  These materials are used in nearly every industry in some form and present potential odor problems in virtually every case.


Applicable Services

What we do

We detect and measure volatile organic compounds with a specialty for those responsible for odor.  We can help with odors emanating from all types of sealants and adhesives. We can detect and quantify all manner of VOCs and we can help build an odor mitigation plan, and provide how to monitor after the crisis has past.

New Product Development Aroma Support

To ensure new products exhibit desired aroma character and intensity, we employ spot-on sensory assessment, extraction methods and analytical analysis.   Sensory includes quantitative descriptive analysis to ensure the attributes measured match those desired.  Extraction methods depend on the nature of the material.  Dynamic headspace extraction works for many products however specialized techniques such as sir bar sorptive extraction and solid phase microextraction also have a place.  Analytical may employ  GCMS, GCMS-MS,  GCMS/O, or other method appropriate to answer a specific question.

Odor Analysis GC-MS/O

Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry/olfactometry provides the very best technique to quickly resolve off-odor issues.  This method requires a trained odor judge to sniff GC effluent and rate odor character and intensity.  This information is coupled by retention time automatically via software to GCMS chromatogram data to allow for rapid odor identification.   Our sensory and analytical team have more than 20 years experience with odor, analytical, and organic chemistry, and sensory analysis.

Quantitative Chemical Analysis

Accurately and precisely measuring what chemical, and how much is present, are the goals of quantitative chemical analysis. VAC utilizes state of the art GC-MS and GC-MS-MS to provide the most accurate volatile chemical measurement capabilities available anywhere. To learn more about this process click HERE. Want to begin a project immediately? Go to our On-Demand tool HERE.

Gas Chromatography Mass Spectometry GC-MS

Gas Chromatography-mass spectrometry (GCMS) is the tool that provides the best opportunity to measure how much of an odorous chemical (or any volatile chemical) is present.  Chemicals are  separated in the GC based on variables such as polarity, size, vapor pressure.  They are detected and measured in the mass spectrometer.

Odor Complaint Mitigation

Our team has the capability to provide a rapid and accurate response to your odor problem. We employ the latest in scientific instrumentation plus our team has more than 20 years experience with odor chemistry and analytical measurement.

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