Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry GC-MS

How does this service work?

Gas chromatography – mass spectrometry is the analytical technique well known by chemists worldwide and the best available to measure volatile chemicals, including odorous ones. What Volatile Analysis Corporation’s analytical team brings in addition to the standard GC-MS is extensive experience in understanding how to get the most appropriate analysis chosen with limited dollars in the budget to investigate a problem. Chemists know that based upon anticipated chemical structures and classes present in a given sample, choosing the right extraction mechanism, GC column, temperature ramps, and many other parameters are keys to  successful analyses. VAC’s valuable experience designing the best methods for different types of products in unique matrices from all over the world provides tremendous benefits to your organization. Whether you need to run single quad GC-MS or Triple Quad GC-MS (also known as tandem MS or MS_MS) we can assist your team with the right analytical support at the right time with the right equipment.

What is the Application of this service?

GC-MS is one of the overall building blocks used in solving chemical problems. Any industry can utilize GC-MS to provide internal knowledge of how production processes are impacting an end product. GC-MS can also be utilized as part of quantitation work to measure specific amounts of chemicals that need to be monitored. GC-MS is a part of most any chemical problem solving strategy. The key to the use of GC-MS is knowing what to couple it with to solve the specific problem at hand in the most cost effective way for your business. VAC can help your company with all of these applications.

Top Industries for GC-MS

Why do you need this service?

VAC’s expertise lies in the design of chemistry problem solving solutions. There are many companies that can “run” a standard GC-MS. VAC solves problems by guiding a project from design to problem chemical ID, creating scientific hypotheses regarding source of the problem chemical, and executing the investigations based on those hypotheses. The remediation process lead by our consulting work to help reduce future exposure in the production /manufacturing processes can be evaluated by GC-MS to help define a baseline profile that can be utilized for on-going monitoring.