Quantitative Chemical Analysis

How does this service work?

We are experts in quantitative chemical analysis.  Our scientists have extensive experience detecting and measuring chemicals from complex matrices.  Some chemicals are difficult to work with.  They may be present at ultra-trace levels, they may be reactive, or sensitive to heat, light, or exhibit some other characteristic that causes problems in standard sample prep and analysis. We have experience working with difficult chemicals.

What is the Application of this service?

Measurements of the amount of chemicals in a sample, or measurement of the chemicals released into the headspace of a sample, are considered quantitative analysis. There exist different levels of quantitation. Detection limits, noise, and the ability to separate and measure a given chemical all contribute to the complexity of a quantitation project.

Quantitation of primary odorous chemicals can be an important part of a products’ sensory and chemical aroma baseline.  Baselines provide a chemical profile to which subsequent profiles may be compared to quickly mitigate off odor problems.

Top Industries for Quantitative Chemical Analysis

Why do you need this service?

Selecting the technique for determining the best way to quantitate a material in various matrices requires unique experience.  Most of the time chemists in an organization are focused on product development or management of a given product profile in which they are familiar. Our team can bridge the gaps in your organization when highly sophisticated investigations are required while you need to continue execution of your normal business. VAC is the team to bridge those gaps.