Analytical Method Development

 How does this service work?

Analytical method development services are a core part of what we do.  Method development depends on project goals and there are numerous possibilities based upon the scientific rigor desired. For example, if the identity of an odor is suspected or already known but the sample is very dirty or complex, analysis with GCMS-MS most likely will yield informative data.  Analysis with GC-MS (single quad) may take extensive work to rid the sample of background noise.  If the goal is to simply verify something is present, less sophisticated instrumentation might be the right choice for the dollars you have budgeted. VAC can work with your budget to design the best approach to accomplish your goals.

What is the Application of this service?

Successful chemical analysis is based on sound method development. Whether it be for a new problem, a new product, or testing supplier ingredients, method development and experimental design are critical for success. Your organization may have a great team that understands how to run GC-MS analyses but the challenges imposed by a new type of material in a complex matrix may require significant chemistry considerations and expertise. VAC solves these complex method challenges.

Top Industries for Analytical Method Development

Why do you need this service?

Based on the complexity of a sample, method development may take considerable time.  VAC has worked with a very diverse set of materials that span numerous industries. Our team includes expert scientists that understand impacts of production processes on materials/samples.  We know the right questions to ask. We provide guidance to your team on which analyses go with what methods to get to the heart of your problem.