Competitor Product Comparison Testing

How does this service work?

Whether the goal is to understand how well your product masks an odor, or how well it releases various aroma active chemicals compared to a competitor’s, VAC can help design and execute your project.  If consumer validation is needed, we can manage consumer sensory panels integrated with chemical quantification to get the best supporting data for your claims.

What is the Application of this service?

VAC conducts both sensory panels and quantitative analysis of chemicals responsible for a product’s characteristic aroma. Both sensory and analytical are needed to accurately measure how your product compares to competitors’.

Top Industries for Competitor Product Comparison Testing

Why do you need this service?

Our team includes experts who understand how to manage multiple parts of a complex scientific investigation to create one solution.  This helps you understand where your product needs to be to increase profitability and understand your margin of advantage over the competition.