Odor Baseline Establishment

How does this service work?

Odor (Aroma) baselines can be a very valuable tool in quality control and also in quick odor mitigation when a problem arises. VAC helps organizations develop “odor” baselines based upon statistical confirmation of primary odorous chemical acceptability ranges in each of your products.

Odor baselines are established by evaluating multiple data points to ensure the complexity of your production processes are considered. These can include comparing and contrasting product aroma consistency based upon the manufacturing facility, the number of production lines, and any other individual nuances that must be considered to establish the “baseline” that will be utilized as your product’s odor profile.

What is the Application of this service?

While some organizations may have standard “chromatograms” for their products, without the odor information that helps you clearly know if you are missing trace level chemicals that impact your products overall odor perception, you are at a disadvantage.  Aroma profiles also help you to clearly know when you have a foreign odor in the mix when separated by GC-MS/O and quickly allow for mitigation.

Top Industries for Odor Baseline Establishment

Why do you need this service?

Odor baselines tell you what chemicals and their odors characterize your product.  This information will allow you to quickly identify an off odor in a future material lot by comparing the problem material lot profile to the standard material lot profile.


Odor baselines require some effort and time to construct.  Don’t wait until you are in the midst of a crisis to consider obtaining a standard product odor baseline.