New Product Development Aroma Support

 How does this service work?

VAC can assist your team with aroma challenges and opportunities that are part of new product development. To ensure new products exhibit desired aroma character and intensity, we employ spot-on sensory assessment, extraction methods and scientific analysis. Sensory includes quantitative descriptive analysis to ensure the attributes measured match those desired. Extraction methods depend on the nature of the material. Dynamic headspace extraction works for many products however specialized techniques such as stir bar sorptive extraction and solid phase micro-extraction (SPME) also have a place. Scientific analysis may employ GC-MS, GC-MS_MS, GC-MS/O, or other methods appropriate to answer a specific question. All of these tools and techniques are uniquely packaged as appropriate to assist your company with the right approach for impacting aroma in your new product initiative exactly as your specification requires.

What is the Application of this service?

When a new product is being considered, it is important that its aroma profile also be considered. Aroma profile support for new products is not just for products that rely on aroma, for example in the perfume industry. Aroma support is important for many different offerings. You may be creating a new wine glass to enhance aroma bouquet, or you may be building a new electronics device that when heated, releases odor from various glues and adhesives. VAC can help you evaluate materials that will yield the best results and goals for aroma and odor in your product.    Lastly we assist with managing aroma and odor in your new product from supply chain to distribution channels.

Top Industries for New Product Development Aroma Support

Why do you need this service?

By enlisting aroma support in the development process you can quickly mitigate off odors that would otherwise delay critical time to market.  Evaluation of competitor products and understanding how your new product is perceived by your target consumer is valuable when your goal is to dominate market share. VAC can build custom sensory panels to support these aroma product development initiatives. We can provide generate analytical data that defines acceptable quantitative measurements of specific aroma chemicals for on-going quality controls through the life of your new product.