Microbiology Correlation with Chemical Quantification

How does this service work?

Volatile Analysis Corporation has experts for designing and managing testing that correlates microbiology and volatile chemicals to solve problems.  When you are trying to discover the source of volatile chemicals, VAC can create the microbiology experiments that can validate if bacteria converting precursors present in your environment are creating the volatiles that are being problematic.

What is the Application of this service?

Bacteria break down pre-cursor chemicals and many times create new chemicals that are odorous.  Understanding these correlations and how to design experiments to tie them together is critical for solving odor problems. Many times, identification of an off-odor chemical is only the first step in resolving potential recall problems or rejects of customer orders.  More often, understanding the source of the chemical that is creating the off-odor takes extensive investigation and chemical synthesis information.  VAC maintains specialized chemists on staff to allow for establishment of hypothesis that should be investigated when looking for source. This saves significant time and investment by eliminating processes and procedures that could not have yielded the creation of the chemical responsible for the odor.

Top Industries for Microbiology Correlation with Chemical Quantification

Why do you need this service?

This is a highly specialized area of chemistry. VAC has acquired top scientists in solving these types of problems to be ready when your company needs them. Whether you want to wait until an emergency exists or you desire to understand how microbiology is directly correlating with your products today, VAC can help. We can come alongside your internal analytical team and bring top talent to bear on these  occasional types of issues keeping your costs down.