Odor Investigation

How does this service work?

It takes more than simple GC-MS analysis to understand odor chemistry.  Laboratories and environmental firms utilize a variety of canned methods including those of ASTM in attempts to solve potential odor problems.  These methods rarely work.  VAC uniquely approaches odor chemistry with a team of experts that integrate project management, manufacturing, supply & distribution channel requirements, sensory, and analytical chemistry.

It is very important in an odor investigation to bring a cohesive and methodical approach to solving the problem, not just rapid testing of various samples. Our teams are experts at designing the right path, integrating knowledge of chemical engineering processes and odorous chemicals structures to solve the problem.  We have the intellectual capital to design and execute the plan and a highly sophisticated laboratory with state of the art equipment conduct analyses.  It is this unique combination of expert resources that separates VAC from other consultants and analytical support laboratories.

What is the Application of this service?

Emergency odor chemistry consulting is much more costly than implementing preventative measures.  We offer both. If FDA, OSHA, or any customer contacts you regarding an off-odor problem, VAC can quickly assist you with a tried and true strategy that will demonstrate to the stakeholder or regulator that you are in control of the problem.  Alternatively, our team can work with your risk mitigation group or quality control in pro-actively designing an “odor strategy” that will have you better positioned when a complaint occurs.

Featured Industries for Odor Investigation

Why do you need this service?

With off-odor the unknown is often what causes significant problems.  It generates questions such as: is the product contaminated with something dangerous?  Developing proactive off-odor plans keeps your reputation, recall, and shut down risk much lower.  VAC can help you develop proactive off-odor plans and we can help with off-odor emergencies.