Chemical Profiles

How does this service work?

Volatile chemical profiles (characterization) refers to the identification of volatile chemicals from a sample material (for example from packaging, beverage, food, etc.). Standard GC-MS analysis provides a good basic chemical profile level.  Analysis using GC-MS/O provides an enhanced chemical profile because chemicals that cause odor are identified, along with their odor data (odor intensity is rated using 0-4-point scale, and the odor descriptor is provided).  Profile data may be further enhanced by utilizing sample concentrating techniques that rely on multi-extractions combined into a single analysis.  This permits identification of trace and ultra-trace level volatile chemicals that may be important in overall aroma character.  Chemical (and aroma) profiles are very useful for quality control because they provide detailed information about the nature of a sample.  If an odor problem develops in the future, then this profile may be used to determine what factors changed in the problem lot compared with the material’s previous chemical profile.

What is the Application of this service?

Volatile chemical profiles are beneficial in new product development, comparative analyses between your products and your competitor’s, and as quality and mitigation tools.

Top Industries for Chemical Profiles

Why do you need this service?

Volatile profiles obtained for each of your products provide an invaluable resource for quality management, and quick problem resolution. An off-odor may be quickly identified by comparing the problem lot’s volatile profile to the volatile profile previously measured.  GC-MS/O adds odor intensity and character to profile data thus providing a more complete volatile profile snapshot of your product.  We can build complete chemical profiles for key products in your inventory.