Odor and Aroma Consulting

Description of Service

Volatile Analysis’ team includes world renowned scientists available to solve odor and aroma challenges for our clients.  Challenges include odors in new product development to off-odor problems originating from the supply chain. VAC will ask the right questions to move your team down the quickest path to success.

Details of Service

Our customers’ include top companies worldwide that are experts at what they do; most do not staff odor and aroma experts. Many of our customers are not aware of the existence of Odor Science. VAC helps companies understand why one production process creates a different odor than another, unpleasant or not.  We help companies:

-mimic conditions that created unwanted odor and then identify the causes of the odor.

-understand chemical reactions in their products based upon various conditions that yield unwanted odor.

-understand how to change formulations to acquire the desired aroma.

-develop odor product strategies to help prevent unnecessary recalls and undesired publicity.  The odor product strategies include odor baselines for on-going monitoring the consistency of a products aroma.

We are highly skilled consultants that can help design and execute the right experiments with the correct analytical resources.  We develop and implement protocols, test effectiveness, and provide on-going support to your internal quality team.





Applicable Industries

Applications of Service

Below you will find many descriptions of how our team can assist your organization.  Odor and aroma consulting and support can be provided as an annual contracted service or for specific projects.

Odor Investigation

We utilize the most advanced scientific techniques and instruments currently available to detect and measure volatile chemicals responsible for odor.  We utilize gas chromatography-mass spectrometry/ olfactometry  to quickly determine what retention index values from a chromatogram correspond with odor.  This capability dramatically improves our capability to identify trace level chemicals responsible for off-odors.

Trichloroanisole, trichlorphenol, tribromoanisole, tribromophenol – We have considerable experience with detection and measurement of these problematic odors and precursor molecules.

To learn more about our Odor Investigation service click HERE.

New Product Development Aroma Support

To ensure new products exhibit desired aroma character and intensity, we employ spot-on sensory assessment, extraction methods and analytical analysis. Sensory includes quantitative descriptive analysis to ensure the attributes measured match those desired. Extraction methods depend on the nature of the material. Dynamic headspace extraction works for many products however specialized techniques such as sir bar sorptive extraction and solid phase micro-extraction also have a place. Analytical may employ GC-MS, GC-MS-MS,  GC-MS/O, or other method appropriate to answer a specific question. If you need more information about how we can provide aroma support for new product development click HERE.

Odor Strategy Development

Strategies depend on variables such as the type of material (liquid, solid, gas), location, quantity of material available, accuracy of odor descriptors, and suspected chemical class.  Some chemicals must be treated different due to unique characteristics, for example those contain sulfur sometimes require additional resources.


Based on answers to an initial questionnaire we will utilize the most appropriate and advanced scientific techniques and instruments currently available to detect and measure volatile chemicals responsible for odor. To find out more about our Odor Strategy Development service click HERE.

Analytical Method Development

What method should be employed to answer your analytical questions?  If off-odor is a problem and the offensive chemical(s) is unknown, then GC-MS/O often provides the chemical identity in the most efficient manner.  If the identity of an off-odor is already known, then GC-MS may provide the necessary levels of precision and accuracy necessary.  More specificity is obtained when using GC-MS in selected ion monitoring. If the sample is very dirty or complex, then GC-MS_MS analysis may provide the best solution.   After careful study of the project goal, VAC will recommend which method provides the best opportunity for success. To learn more about our Analytical Method Development click HERE.

Odor Complaint Mitigation

Our team has the capability to provide a rapid and accurate response to your odor problem. We employ the latest in scientific instrumentation plus our team has more than 20 years experience with odor chemistry and analytical measurement. For more information on Odor Complaint Mitigation click HERE.

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