Analytical Testing Laboratory

VAC provides standard analytical testing laboratory services through our online demand offering. The laboratories also support custom off-odor project resolution and other undertakings executed by our uniquely skilled staff.

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Odor Consulting

Our customers include top global companies who are experts in their fields but do not staff aroma experts. Many of our customers were previously unaware specialists in Odor Science existed.

We help educate companies of the importance aroma chemistry plays in quality perception and acceptability.  For example why one production process creates a product with different odor compared with than another.

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While sensory is often independent of analytical sciences, at Volatile Analysis Corporation we bring a unique capability of using analytical chemistry including chemical identification, and aroma active chemical standards to help take sensory science to another level. Volatile provides individual sensory services or we can integrate our suite of sensory services into an overall sensory strategy.

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Litigation Support

VAC is the best team of experts to support your litigation challenges. Whether you are in the offensive or defensive position Volatile Analysis Corporation, knowing aroma and the scientific nuances related to sensory perception and analytical measurement, can help you design the right strategy with your legal team minimizing costly litigation.

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We have expert trainers available to provide classes for: GC-MS, GC-MS/O, GC-MS-MS and problem solving for odor issues.  Classes are pre-designed but may be customized for your unique application.  Classes may be conducted at our facility or yours.

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