Litigation Support

Description of Service

VAC is the best team of experts to support your litigation challenges. Whether you are in the offensive or defensive position Volatile Analysis Corporation, knowing aroma and the scientific nuances related to sensory perception and analytical measurement, can help you design the right strategy with your legal team minimizing costly litigation. Volatile approaches legal issues differently than most consultants. When dealing with litigation or potential litigation it takes different skill sets for varying parts of the preparation. Then the person(s) that needs to be deposed may be very different than the person or persons that do scientific review, produce analytical supporting exercises to demonstrate your position in a more convincing way. Accordingly, we bring a team approach. This is very important to your success. Having a team from VAC doesn’t increase your cost, but gives you the best of each area converging into the strongest legal support for chemistry issues.

Details of Service

Litigation support incorporates many areas. First our strategy on how to build the best offense or defense is put together working with your internal group and your counsel.  We evaluate the issue(s) at hand that have led to litigation. We review the scientific merit of your stance and those of your opposition. Our team applies an hypothesis approach, anticipating the scientific options that could be considered by opposing counsel and we provide the path to evaluate proactively those hypothesis. If you are in the midst of litigation, we can review discovery of the opposing party (ies), define what discovery should be requested for your best interest, provide insightful scientific questions for depositions, and provide the best scientist or executive for the deposition. Understanding the holes in the science, issues that can be raised specific to the situation can help you proactively defend your position effectively.


Applicable Industries

Applications of Service

Trying to build a case with an individual consultant versus a team like VAC may put you at a disadvantage in the litigation process.  Taking a risk of having a knowledgeable scientific consultant support your case that may not have any skill of being able to articulate and recall on their feet in the stressful environment of depositions and/or trial testimony buts you at a disadvantage.  VAC puts the right team together to provide the scientific acumen, the integration into the overall positioning, and then a skilled highly qualified resource for deposition that is specifically chosen to be the spokesperson for the case.

Odor Claim Support

When releasing a product that makes an odor related claim, Volatile understands the science behind it. Whether it be amelioration, masking, reduction, or enhancement, terminology is important. Amelioration is not reduction. Reduction is not masking. What constitutes a stronger bouquet of fragrance to the nose? VAC can put together sensory and analytical and microbiology experiments that can beef up your science for your claims or demonstrate you are in a position that may take you down a path you do not want to go. If you would like to learn more about this service click HERE.

Expert Witness Support

VAC approaches expert witness support different than most individual consultants. We provide a team when one outlines they need an expert witness. It is a rare case that we provide an expert only to a litigation case. VAC prefers to be associated with litigation in which we have the ability to provide insight to the litigation team on the strategy of the case and we pick the best expert to present for being deposed and potentially testifying in the trial itself. To find more about our expert witness support service click HERE.

Product Formulation Infringement Support

Our highly qualified staff will review your concerns and will design the best approach to evaluate infringement and make recommendations for your next steps. Our team can help you strengthen your position by bringing support to your case in many different areas. To learn more about this service click HERE.

Nuisance Laws Support and Testing

Odor in a community is a nuisance. All across the globe corporations are being fined for creating odor that is perceived to be annoying.  Laws are both at the local and federal level and this issue continues to be a big problem for corporations.  Volatile can help you with your odor issues that are causing both impact in reputation, possible shutdowns of plants, and financial fees. Click HERE for more information about this service we provide

Evaluative Scientific Reports Supporting Legal Action

Our highly qualified staff will review scientific studies that have been accomplished that you intend to utilize to support a legal action.  VAC provides many areas of legal support and our best avenue for helping your firm is to utilize our team approach where VAC comes alongside your attorneys and has a group of experts to prepare behind the scenes and then identifies the best resource to be deposed if appropriate. For more information on this service please click HERE.

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