Product Formulation Infringement Support

How does this service work?

Our highly qualified staff will review product claim support and scientific studies and provide an opinion on infringement issues. We can also provide independent testing. When you are the defendant or the plaintiff, having the right team on your side is critical. Many think of getting the best law firm and that is very important but get the best chemistry firm that understands how to navigate specific scientific issues is also just as important. VAC has a top team of PhD scientists that have solved problems globally and understand the deep intricacies of words in the scientific community and the science that supports exactly what is stated by a particular patent.

What is the Application of this service?

Our highly qualified staff will review your concerns and will design the best approach to evaluate infringement and make recommendations for your next steps. Our team can help you strengthen your position by bringing support to your case in many different areas.

Top Industries for Product Formulation Infringement Support

Why do you need this service?

When you are looking at potential litigation making sure you have the best team on your side is critical. We are not independent individual consultants. We are part of a highly skilled firm that puts a team together that understands how to address litigation in the chemistry field. While we are not attorneys we do understand how to provide them the best strategy whether you are in the defendant or the plaintiff role.