Odor Analysis GC-MS/O

How does this service work?

An off odor present in your product may lead to expensive recalls, shipment rejections, customer losses and possible regulatory investigations. Volatile Analysis Corporation can solve your off odor problem. We utilize GC-MS/O to detect and measure odor. A trained odor judge evaluates GC effluent and rates odor intensity and character (provides descriptors). This sensory information, along with the odor’s retention time, is recorded and aligned with total ion chromatogram MS peaks by software. By understanding what chemical peaks exhibits off-odor related to the odor problem, the offensive chemical off-odor may be identified and measured.

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What is the Application of this service?

Companies often rely on basic GC-MS to find problematic chemicals by observing differences in a good sample and the off odor sample. Not understanding where the odorous chemical is eluting during the separation process of the GC will mean chemists are shooting in the dark. Many hours are wasted trying to compare chemical peaks when the chemical responsible for the odorous peak is not observable in the chromatogram. This in turn leads to misinterpreting the cause of an odor and wasted efforts are poured into testing and mitigation that does not resolve the odor. This is where our Odor Analysis using GC-MS/O excels. We can find and align the chemicals which cause odor problems that others cannot see. VAC also has the ability to uncover ultra trace level chemicals that have been completely disguised.

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Why do you need this service?

Annual corporate costs associated with off-odors are often measured in the millions of dollars. These costs are due to product recalls, litigation expenses, and lost revenue, among others. Off-odors may be introduced during one or more steps in the production process, packaging, or transportation to the client. The key to off odor analysis is designing the appropriate testing strategy after an assessment of underlying key indicators.