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Volatile Analysis Corporation was founded in March, 2007 and began operations in a business incubator near the campus of the University of Alabama Huntsville. The original mission was to utilize volatile chemicals to detect disease states (metabolomics). Ground work was conducted in vitro and ex-vivo with pathogenic fungi. Results were presented at the American Chemical Society annual meeting (Washington D.C., 2009), and at the International Association for Breath Research (Dortmund, Germany, 2009). Final results were published in the Journal of Breath Research (2012).

Development of patent pending devices commenced in conjunction metabolomics studies. Support funding was received from the 2010 Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project (IRS, NIH, HHS combined).

A services department was established shortly after founding with a focus in the area of aroma and odor development and analysis as well as trace level chemical measurement to enable the company to expand in areas besides research. Since initial endeavors this facet of Volatile Analysis has grown to include global clientele.

Scientific Summary

Volatile Analysis Corporation (VAC), a scientific odor company, specializes in volatile chemical detection and measurement for medical and industrial purposes. The research group focuses on links between biomarkers and diagnosis of human and animal diseases, an area collectively known as volatile metabolomics. Scientists develop technologies to enhance successful volatile metabolite capture from various biological sources. Extraction technologies also have industrial applications.

The analytical services group specializes in quantification of trace level and ultra-trace level (ng/g or parts per trillion and lower) chemicals responsible for odor and aroma. Sensory trained staff also review industrial processes and coordinate odor remediation efforts. Examples of industries served include: paper, packaging, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, textiles, manufacturing, automotive, apparel, and cosmetic.


Volatile Analysis Corporation strives for excellence. We want to exceed your expectations. When working with analytical methods and development, often process refinement is necessary to get it exactly right. We ensure the method is appropriate even if it means performing work that is not billable. We deploy project management principles to ensure all details are accounted for, work is completed on time, and within budget.

Mission and Values

Volatile Analysis Corporation strives to be the leader in odor identification/ characterization, and aroma-based product development. Our goal is to provide specialized expertise (sensory and analytical) to achieve this goal.

Our values are simple:

1. Conduct business practices that reflect honesty and integrity
2. Put ourselves in our clients shoes for perspective
3. Provide services at a fair price
4. Go well beyond client expectations

Executive Summary

Volatile Analysis Corporation is comprised of professionals who understand what it means to be responsible for the bottom line. We have experienced executive leadership, and a scientific team that has earned respect throughout the industry. It takes business and science to build excellent client relationships. Volatile Analysis professionally assists in developing scopes of work for all of our projects and deploys project management principles in executing them.  When it comes to odor analysis, our team is among the World’s very best.

Research and Development

Research is a continuous part of Volatile Analysis Corporation and through that commitment Volatile has received many patents.

The research work not only includes  identifying trace level volatile signatures related to disease identification, but we continuously are evaluating and working on new inventions in the area of trace level chemical analysis tools.  VAC continues to develop new products and technologies to help the scientific community solve many of the challenges of humanity today.

Key Services

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Leadership Team

Katherine Malmay-Bazemore

President / Chief Executive Officer

Katherine Malmay-Bazemore has been solving problems her entire 35+ year career. She uses her motto, “Never, Never, Quit”, whether it is in finding the best way to get a team to work together or finding an elusive chemical that is creating disruption for a new client. Katherine understands how to build something from nothing and believes in helping connect the dots to allow for win-win situations for both VAC’s clients and VAC’s stakeholders. Katherine holds a BS in Business Administration from Carson Newman University.

Chris Christenson PhD.

Chief Analytical Officer

With over 40 years of experience, Chris leads our Analytical Team to grow our company.  Chris studied Chemistry at Iowa State University. He spent 38 years at The Dow Chemical Company where he was a Corporate Fellow.   He focused on problem solving, fundamental structure property relationships in polyurethanes and inventing new materials and processes.  He lives in Central Texas with his wife Patricia on a small ranch.

Russell Bazemore PhD.

Scientific Advisor

Russell has more than 20 years experience working with all sorts of odorous chemicals as scientist and author. He earned a Ph.D. in Food Science from the University of Florida and was a Post Doctoral Fellow at the Monell Chemical Senses Center.  Russell is co-founder of Volatile Analysis and is a valuable resource for the company as a scientific advisor.   

Trusted by the Best

Highly Recommended

“Volatile Analysis helped us evaluate fish samples for Geosmin and MIB.  Their work is of the highest caliber. Highly recommended.”

Jim Michaels

Mote Marine Laboratory

Results We Needed

“Volatile Analysis has evaluated several samples for us both with unknown odor assessment and quantifying various chemicals. Got the results we needed!  Great partner for our company.”

Alastair Winn

Applied Silicone