Off-Odor in Cosmetic Lip Gloss

Off-Odor_LipGloss-Paper_WebPhotoMainA sample of cosmetic lip gloss purchased off the shelf exhibited an unpleasant cheesy, rancid odor upon opening (the container with lip gloss inside).  Dynamic headspace extraction with TenaxTA thermal desorption tubes under ultrapure nitrogen and analysis by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry/olfactometry (polar and non-polar stationary phases) revealed several fatty acids  along with isovaleraldehyde, chemicals that smell rancid,  cheesy, spoiled milk, were responsible for the foul odor.  Ethyl butyrate also contributed a fruity-cheesy aroma.

This report includes 2 extractions and GC-MS/O analyses of  a 5mL lip gloss sample.