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GC-MS/O Odor Analysis

GC-MS/O Odor Analysis is our featured service and we use it to detect and measure odorous chemicals. We resolved odor problems for companies all over the world.

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At Volatile Analysis we utilize analytical chemistry including chemical identification, and aroma active chemical standards to help take sensory science to another level.

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Quantitative Analysis

Quantitative analysis includes measuring the amount of chemicals present in a sample, or in a sample’s headspace.  Headspace is of special importance for aroma because for a chemical to have an odor, it must be volatile and present as a gas.

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Odor Strategy Development

Our goal is to assist a company progress from reactionary to preventative in planning for odor problems. We have unique sensory-analytical teams assimilated to develop personalized odor management strategies.

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At Volatile Analysis we know some companies simply want to hire a lab to conduct basic GC-MS analysis. Our On-Demand Tool has the capability to use our lab in the most simplistic way.

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Off-Odor Investigation

We utilize the most advanced scientific techniques and instrumentation currently available to investigate odor problems. Our team doesn’t just design the experiment and collect the data.  We also assist with determining how the off odor was introduced into your product, and how to eliminate it.

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Case Studies

Want to know more about how Volatile directly impacts clients, take a glance at our case studies.

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Latest News

It pays to know what is going on in any given industry. When you need the latest news about odor or aroma, this is the place to go.

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VAC Blog

At Volatile one of our main focuses is to educate our clients in odor and aroma, check out our blog

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Client Words

  • Highly Recommended

    “Volatile Analysis helped us evaluate fish samples for Geosmin and MIB.  Their work is of the highest caliber. Highly recommended.”

    Jim Michaels

    Mote Marine Laboratory

  • Results We Needed

    “Volatile Analysis has evaluated several samples for us both with unknown odor assessment and quantifying various chemicals. Got the results we needed!  Great partner for our company.”

    Alastair Winn

    Applied Silicone